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The Fox Is Mine is a platform for art, education & research.

The Fox is Mine provides artistic, educational and research based content. Preferably combined. Here on the site you find the three categories: Art, education & research. Each one showcasing representative examples of work.

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Personal coaching by Daniella Hefter

Hold on magnolia – Coaching

The past is a given, let’s talk about what you can do now! If not you, who is responsible for your happiness? Let’s start making changes that affect your relationships, workflow, career, communication!


Personal coaching

Coaching is a process that aims to improve your wellbeing, behavior and communication. This will be possible by becoming more aware and understanding where the patterns in thinking and behavior come from. By focussing on the ‘here and now’ rather than the distant past or the future you will feel empowered to change the habits that restrict you. Coaching focuses on your willingness to improve your situation, if you want to improve it. So whenever you are fed up and ready to become your new version, it’s time to start working on you.

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For me coaching is about personal growth. Starting with awareness, recognizing possibilities and start making choices that are aligned with your values and goals. I want you to feel in charge, energetic, empowered by your talents and qualities. If not you, who is responsible for your happiness? Let’s start making changes that affect your relationships, workflow, career, communication! The coaching takes place in my artist studio, this environment gives a unique atmosphere and the influences approach. As an artist and educator I focus on growth, by using visual and creative methods as part of the exercises and theories.

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What to expect?


Together we determine the goal of the coaching. This can be a personal coaching goal, carreer coaching, interaction and communication goals, etc. Based on your goal we will set your personal objective as an intention and work towards achieving this in four to six coaching sessions. I will guide you step by step in this process. There are two different types of coaching I specialise in; personal growth and career coaching. The sessions will be unique for you, focussing on what you need. All individual meetings with me are confidential. The goal is to work together towards a goal during a limited amount of meetings. The coaching stops when you can do it autonomously. Sometimes one theme leads to another, but it is my mission to make you feel proud and happy about yourself that you can do it by yourself. The coaching is in English or Dutch.

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You can download the intake form here. Please send this to me filled in at least one day before our intake appointment. You can find the form in Dutch and in English.


Want to find out more?

Want to read more about the background of your coach? Browse the website of Daniella called The Fox Is Mine, where you can find her art and educational projects. After a BA in art and a BA in education she continued to a MA in education in arts. Recently she finished a higher education study to become a professional coach. She combines her experience in art and education in a creative and original way in each individual coach proces. Daniella is an accredited coach, registered by Nobco. The coaching has it’s own instagram account.

Hold on magnolia coaching on instagram The Fox Is Mine
Photographs of the magnolia trees

‘Walks at night 1, 2 & 3’ 2021 by Jet Siemons (copyright Jet Siemons, 2021) Used by ‘Hold on magnolia-coaching’ with permission of the artist.

Jet Siemons
Hi! I am... The Fox Is Mine.

Hi! I am...

The Fox Is Mine.

I am Daniella, feel free to contact me, for Art, Education & Research projects, coaching, commissions.

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