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The Fox Is Mine is a platform for art, education & research.

The Fox is Mine provides artistic, educational and research based content. Preferably combined. Here on the site you find the three categories: Art, education & research. Each one showcasing representative examples of work.

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The Fox and Education


Where possibilities are created to make the audience a participator. In my opinion, art is for everyone and education is an ongoing process that does not stop after school or at a certain age. It is my ongoing mission to provide innovative learning situations where possibilities are created to make the audience a participator. Art has an intrinsic value that i want to address, for I believe in its wisdom. My goal is to learn from art directly, instead of using it as a means.


Personal coaching

The past is a given, let’s talk about what you can do now! Coaching is a process that aims to improve behavior and communication focussing on the ‘here and now’ rather than the distant past or the future. For me coaching is about personal growth. Starting with awareness, recognizing possibilities and making choices that are aligned with your values and goals. I want you to feel in charge, energetic, empowered by your talents and qualities. Knowing your self better and better. What can you expect? Together we determine the goal of the coaching. Whether it is one meeting or recurring. We set clear, achievable goals that you are eager to achieve. I guide you in this process.

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The Fox and learning from art

‘Socratic Compass’ is a method i created, where art will answer your value based, personal question.

With the help of an audio guide and a performative circle, every partaker will find a surprising and meaningful answer, while participating, to their individual question. Sharing the experiences will make you realize common goals and will allow to learn from each other.

Products: Custom made art education projects for your company or course, custom designed team of friend program with the Socratic Compass method, individual sessions. Go to The Socratic Compass page

The Fox and Extracurricular education

Let’s create a project that invites young people to participate and experiment!

Young people are either indecisive when it comes to art or very specific about personal preferences. In my opinion both are a perfect starting point for an experimental, fun and participative project or happening that will lead to new experiences and understanding. The cultural organization serves as a stage where the encounter with art is playfully directed in order to learn. My approach is always hands-on and there is a possible program for everyone! Creating an environment where the individual is valued, and the group will benefit. Curiosity and fun emerge and lead to an exchange of enthusiasm and wisdom. After such an experience, the feeling of pleasure and success is connected to art and the organization, which is a great opportunity for a tie in the future.

Products: Custom designed program for ANY level, age and place, participative and experimental education project design and production.

The Fox and Workshop

Could you use some help with skill, approach, creative thinking while learning about yourself and others?

Do you want to do a creative session or series of classes? Consider a custom designed individual or group workshop. The learning objective is exploring and discovering new personal possibilities. While making and creating, which will lead to improved cognitive, visual and manual abilities. I will guide you through in a playful program where color, line and form will enable the first timer with confidence and will liberate the professional from a fixed approach. Both will be motivated to see new solutions, reveal potential and practice new skills. My background as an artist and as an experienced educator make me a creative and original program maker for cultural content which will engage a curious dialogue and will lead to insight.

Products: Drawing, painting, photography workshop (series), group or individual skill workshop, meditative drawing or painting workshop, experimental material research, your specific theme combined with visual learning. Example of an online drawing class


New workshops starting in September 2020

Starting in September you will be able to follow classes at the studio. All workshops are to empower you to visualize feelings, thoughts, idea’s and visualize them in a personal and original way. The way we work is attentive, experimental, expressive and mindful. No judgment, no striving for aesthetic achievements, but to create, enjoy, release and be surprised at what arises. I provide materials and guide you. There are three possibilities: 1 – Evening workshop – 3 hours, 5 or 10 times, once every 3/4 weeks. Working in a small group of six/seven. Material, drinks and snacks included. Costs: €15,- per time, material, drinks and snacks included. If you sign up for 5 classes, you get two cards and a set of stickers as a gift. If you pay upfront for 10 classes, you get €20 discount and a poster of your choice. 2 – Singular weekend workshop – 6 hours – 10 – 16 ‘o clock material and lunch included. Working in a small group of six. Costs: €75,- for the whole day; included material, drinks and lunch. A set of cards or a poster of your choice as a gift. 3 – Individual or duo class. Custom made to your needs. Personal, continuous guidance, designed for your wishes. About 6 hours, including material, drinks, lunch or light meal. One or two persons. Costs: €40 p.p. per hour with a minimum of three hours. Included material, drinks, snacks, lunch of light dinner. When you come with two, you pay €60,- per hour for both. Please mail me for all your questions. info /at/ thefoxismine.com

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As you can see in the previous message there are workshops starting in september. If your goal is to achieve new skills, discover your visual talents, if you want to express yourself, or you are in desperate need of a new hobby, you can see what fits your needs best. See what meets your needs and contact me if you have questions. Feel free to ask me anything! info /at/ thefoxismine.com The days and dates will be set after I know who wants to join. Hope to hear from you!

The Fox and thoughts on education

As an educator i think about elements and concepts of learning all the time. While doing this I retrospect on my own experiences.

I grew up between two cultures and my reality was complex in school and at home. I found love and wisdom in the arts. In my opinion there is no good way of raising children, not one guideline for good education en not a singular advise that is valid for all. making, playing, telling stories and interacting in dialogue is what connects us.

Link to Medium – short stories on education
Quarantine Illustration Workshop

10 classes of experimental and mindful drawing classes, free to follow. See how your skills improve, while you’re doing what makes you feel good.

The goal is to experiment, explore and enjoy the making and drawing. It’s about imagination, personal preferences, developing and improving your manual skills. Enjoy the half hour that you are following the line, while you create something that can bring you in an attentive and mindful condition. These practices give you examples of how to continue your ease while drawing. It’s for everyone, all ages, all levels, professionals, starters, anyone is welcome to join. And it’s beneficial for all. Starters will discover a new technique, while advanced creatives will expand their technique and skills in assignments where freedom and experimentation are key. Enjoy!

Link to all 10 workshop video's

Hi! I am... The Fox Is Mine.

Hi! I am...

The Fox Is Mine.

I am Daniella, feel free to contact me, for Art, Education & Research projects, coaching, commissions.

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