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The Fox Is Mine is a platform for art, education & research.

The Fox is Mine provides artistic, educational and research based content. Preferably combined. Here on the site you find the three categories: Art, education & research. Each one showcasing representative examples of work.

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The fox & Art

A picture can tell 1000 words without needing any explanation.

Using line, form and colors, shaping a composition, telling a story. Focussing on a texture, a void or a movement, these choices make the image interesting and intriguing.

The fox and Illustration

The thin, certain line makes me follow every move.

Drawing is what comes naturally to me. Since I can remember I have created drawings. Exploring the possibilities of storytelling with each single work. Commissioned illustrations are available as live drawing sessions, portrait drawing, for logo designs, fashion illustrations, comics and one of a kind artworks.

Products: live drawing, illustration, portraits, comics & products Instagram Drawings and illustrations

The Fox and Photography

Pictures as series telling the tale of an event

As a photographer I work commission based to make a distinguished documentary style representation for you. Pictures as a series tell the tale of an event, showing the characters and the interactions of the participants and visitors. Portraits, products or art photography are possible as series or as a studio based, stylized assignment.

Products: Projects with focus on products, artworks, events, audience, portrait.

The Fox and Mixed media

The unique and personal use of mixed materials is based on my love for lines, painting and textiles

The drawings and photographs are the base of the mixed media artwork i make. the unique and personal use of mixed materials is based on my love for lines, painting and textiles. the use of exotic silks and accurate enbroidery techniques on linen, make the paintings extraoridinary and valuabale. The artworks are exhibited worldwide and appeared in various international publications.

products: mixed media, paintings, textile and glass art.

Short film on the Delicate skin series
Clients and partners

A selection of companies we worked for.

Hi! I am... The Fox Is Mine.

Hi! I am...

The Fox Is Mine.

I am Daniella, feel free to contact me, for Art, Education & Research projects, coaching, commissions.

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