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The Fox Is Mine is a platform for art, education & research.

The Fox is Mine provides artistic, educational and research based content. Preferably combined. Here on the site you find the three categories: Art, education & research. Each one showcasing representative examples of work.

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Tools for Action

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About Tools For Action

Tools for Action explores the intersection between art and activism. Tools for Action acts as a platform for collaboration between artists, educators and activists. The group uses the production of inflatable sculptures as a community-building element and as a means for intervention. Tools for Action aims to practice alternative forms of social engagement and resistance and open the way for experimentation.


For years I have been involved with the projects of Tools For Action. As a photographer I am at the scene in the stage of preparations, action and evaluation. I want to show the whole process.

Tools for Action – Dresden Tools for Action – Vienna
Hi! I am... The Fox Is Mine.

Hi! I am...

The Fox Is Mine.

I am Daniella, feel free to contact me, for Art, Education & Research projects, coaching, commissions.

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