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The Fox Is Mine is a platform for art, education & research.

The Fox is Mine provides artistic, educational and research based content. Preferably combined. Here on the site you find the three categories: Art, education & research. Each one showcasing representative examples of work.

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The Fox and Research

An interdisciplinary method for a participative and inclusive audience.

As a researcher, I treat all involved parties as equally important. I expect to include the future user or participant as much as the client and other parties. Besides interviews and theoretical research, I use creative and artistic forms, unique for every project, to get to know the group; their ambition and aversion. The research will lead to strategic recommendations on how to make partners of the participators. Insight into the customers values, wishes and goals illustrated with input and visuals from experimental research meetings.

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The Fox and Artistic Interdisciplinary Research

Artistic Interdisciplinary research

I am researching how the museum of the future can offer a meaningful value-based museum experience for young adults (20-25). Through practice-based artistic research i work with both the target group and the museums. The goal is to develop a method where dialogue and interdisciplinary activity are essential in order to trigger the wisdom and intrinsic value of art. The goal is to stimulate personal growth for young adults.

Products: Artistic and action based research, value based research, future based scenario design, strategic and conceptual advice, sustainable curriculum design, singular methodology. Want to read more?

Hi! I am... The Fox Is Mine.

Hi! I am...

The Fox Is Mine.

I am Daniella, feel free to contact me, for Art, Education & Research projects, coaching, commissions.

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